We all become responsible…

wholesale suede skirtsWe all grow older, and once we realise it, we also grow more and more mature and responsible. We graduate from schools, start families, change our lives. This is inevitable, and it reflects our inner style. Twenty-somethings can afford to wear college dresses, but as you get older and more mature on this great journey called life, you learn to express yourself. You dress more conservatively, swapping baggy sweatpants for an elegant pantsuit. Some women stop visiting stores like Under 21 instead visiting these which can offer wholesale suede skirt. Of course, as you mature, a more conservative wardrobe is, sadly, a natural progression – unless you’re Helen Mirren you wouldn’t look that good in a miniskirt or a tube top.

I know a lady that didn’t own trousers nor jeans in er college years, wearing exclusively mini-skirts. Now, she doesn’t want strangers or co-workers looking at her legs or think that she wants them to look at her legs. She says she wears very short dresses with her husband, to impress him. This feels somewhat weird to me, as if she reduced herself to an accessory for her spouse. Still – it’s her choice and only hers. She’s not the kind of person to order dozens of wholesale suede skirts online, preferring family life and you gotta respect this.

And once you actually reach the expert level in your work skills – well, then you’re mature enough to dress not to impress – because your resume will be impressive enough. Once you hit mid-thirties (of course, depending on your work field), you can start dressing for comfort. You don’t need to worry whether this massive, wholesale suede skirt looks slutty, posh, dowdy or too feminine – by that age you probably have developed a sense of your own identity and might even start influencing others. You don’t just get older – you get more confident.

Why go to fashion school at all?

model-1500088_1920I bet a lot of our readers would like to go into fashion. And many designers came into fashion from various backgrounds, some were even industrial programmers who wanted to combine architectural designs with principles of aesthetic. And many young people, especially girls, want to go to fashion school. If you get an education from a top fashion school, you might jumpstart your career in the business. Here it’s a couple of tips why you should try fashion school.

You will learn the basics. Your passion for fashion is not enough, you need knowledge and theory. You need to learn the history of fashion, learn design skills, sometimes even practical ones. You need to learn to draw, to sew, to cut – every major fashion designer had to start somewhere, and often they still work their sewing machine.

girl-803333_1920And apart from the skills, you can learn the theory of design. The color is vital for fashion design. There’s a lot more to color than meets the eye, and the fashion school can help you use the colors and patterns. You learn about colors in your basic education, that you shouldn’t mix greens and reds because they’re complementary… but a fashion school can teach you so much more! It’s not just about picking the “correct” color for designs. If you remember the epic beatdown Miranda delivers in “Devil wears Prada” on the color of the blouse, this is it – the exact shade of blue can make or break the costume.

You will have to work on sketches, patterns, fit them on models and sew them all by hand. And this takes a lot of hard work at home and at school. This stresses you out, you have to do a lot of work and have massive deadlines every single week (and that’s still nothing compared with real work in the fashion industry). So you don’t transform your passion into knowledge – but your passion should become your drive.

Why sweatshirt tunic wholesale are so great

Feel the loose power of sweatshirt tunic wholesaleMany women solely wear dresses and skirts for formal events, but in these days many other options are possible. Many ladies buy pantsuits, pinstripe trousers or other clothes for formal wear, some might buy a sweatshirt tunic wholesale to look great, but someone might want to embrace the more fancy style.

Formal events suggest more unusual dress – things you rarely wear every day out to walk the dog. This doesn’t mean they need to be uncomfortable – you need to adjust the clothes to the needs – for instance for a party on the yacht you typically need to remove your shoes.

Formal clothes for women that aren’t dresses could envelop women’s tuxedos, jumpsuits, suits and dressy pants. A woman in the well-tailored suit or a women’s tux can look wonderful, especially if her makeup stands out – a bright, scarlet lipstick makes her so much very feminine. If you are afraid to do it, you can still be more conservative, with a blouse, dark trousers, or a blazer (you can even substitute a sweatshirt tunic wholesale).

Loose style of sweatshirt tunic wholesaleThere are many formal dress pants, ranging in price from dozens of dollars to several thousand. You can match wide chiffon pants to a woman’s tunic (but avoid buying a sweatshirt tunic wholesale), or wear wide palazzo pants. An interesting option is navy velvet pants with orange and gold sleeveless sweater tank. Another good combination is tight skinny elegant pants paired with a blazer and a matched shirt. Many women can wear an Annie-Hall-type outfit, with a vest and tie for that extra formal wear, don’t be afraid of looking butch – that’s more of a matter of your personal style.

And if something doesn’t seem elegant to you, remember that sequins, glitter, elegant and modest jewelry, fancy belts and shoes can spice up any outfit. Some materials are far more elegant than other, like leather (fake or natural), silk, satin, and lace. You want to pair things like pants, tees, and blazers with more feminine accessories, like jewelry or long hair. Have fun matching these traditionally feminine and masculine options.

Something about camel toe!

Hey everyone! I’m experimenting with various styles of blogging – right now I’m considering strikingly.


This site: http://asterian.strikingly.com/blog/the-dreaded-camel-toe is my other blog, and it presents a very important idea I found. I would like to learn what do you think about it.

Treggings are the new leggings!

treggings fit women great

More women wear treggings these days

Treggings are the new leggings! These weird abominations are a combination of trousers and leggings (perhaps this is the origin of the name? Hmmm, further research is necessary), and their application also reflects this. They are far easier to wear than original leggings, since they’re usually made of a thicker, more “trousery” material, and are similar to pants in cut – that is, they are not skin tight. And they’re more elastic than the usual skin-tight pants, allowing you more comfort. They’re just as comfortable as leggings and even more stylish. Leggings are very popular these days, and treggings have successfully dominated over jeggings.

Treggings are sleek, elegant, and unlike jeggings are more work-appropriate. For your boss, they will function as well as black trousers. Treggings usually offer a flattering center seam and a concealed waistband, but other styles are of course available. Treggings come in a multitude of colors and designs. You can use them to dress up and down, they can work comfortably as casual wear but also work for your office. If you want to look simple, combine basic colors like red, white and black, combining plaid treggings with the white shirt and a deep red blazer. Treggings are great and simple to style, with heel, brogues, boots or sneakers, but don’t match them with ragged, dirty converses.

Treggings can fit long, flowy topsTreggings can work great with all kinds of tops – skinny pants mesh well with more bulky, blocky tops like baggy sweaters, ponchos or flowy women’s tunics. They can be also matched well with bulky coats in order to underline the vertical silhouette. And if you don’t care much for elegance, throw on an oversized tee with a fancy pattern or golden bangles. If you’re plus-sized, don’t tuck your top in the skinny treggings. Match it with a leather jacket and you’re ready to hit the town!

Tracksuits can be fashionable!

Baggy sweatpants can be fashionableModern clothing brands show little difference between work out clothes and fashionable streetwear. In fact, major clothing brands like Palace, Gosha and Supreme have all recently released serious collections of sweat suits – offering loose sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants, for many they remind them of tracksuits of Eastern European gangsters. And there are also older brands like Kappa and Ellese that have been rediscovered by Stores like JD sports. It seems like the modern streetwear resembles the classic styles of sportswear.

Streetwear has always been somewhat based on classic sportswear, and major brands like Puma, Adidas or Nike have always been inspiring casual wear for expressing the street cred, and shaping their basic identities and collections. These roots for inspirations are quite uncomplicated, simple, innovative and managed to produce very attractive clothes for men and for women. All in all, the tracksuits can be rather attractive, and baggy sweatpants can be very comfortable. These are some great, attractive pieces, and can instantly transform you from a simple girl on the street out into a modern street wear afficionada.

You can take classic designs of classic tracksuits, start altering them and turn them into great, exceptional pieces. But many popular brands with their baggy sweatpants can rip off the classical trends in sweatsuits, and manage to present them as trendy outerwear. Many traditional outerwear has always been practical, and the bright colors managed to bring forth the practicality of this aspect.

Many young people want to go full athletic in their appearance, wearing the shiny polyester tracksuit and baggy sweatpants, but this isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone. If you want to look great at all occasion, you need to wear more adjustable clothes, something more versatile. Tracksuits might work great for outerwear, but especially for women who want do their hair and makeup, they don’t blend well on street, and if you’re a women you might not want to wear them.

And many hooligans prefer tracksuits so if you don’t want to give yourself this association, you might not want to wear tracksuits or baggy sweatpants on street, and you don’t want to dress up in that. Presentation is key and you want to be associated with sports wear, not with hooligans.

Why do people buy brand names?

In order to improve your business decisions, make your store function better, and promote your business, you need above all to understand what are the motives and interests of your customers and target markets. If you are a retailer or reseller, you need to understand what to buy and what brand name products and generic goods to provide. Consumers tend to buy generic, brandless products because they’re cheaper, but they buy brand names for many different reasons.

Brand name marketing

In general when a customer buys a new brand-name product like clothes or computers, he or she expects it will provide them with a quality experience. They want the phone work as advertised and allow them to work and play efficiently – and if they consider iPhone a good brand, they will reach for that. And for clothes, they look for popularity, durability and comfort. Most recognised brand names should show consistency in product quality, they can afford complete product testing and quality control. Thanks to this, the brand gains many followers, and new customers often rely on their experiences and public word of mouth.

Social Acceptance

In America there’s a saying “to keep up with the Joneses” which means that when a neighbor Jones buys a new car, a new pair of trousers, you also want this. People in the western world like to fit in whether in school, at work or among their friends of acquaintances.They buy many things even though they don’t need it; the brand name items establish that they are rich, influential and can fit into the new social circles.

Girl in loose top, relaxing with a drinkPersonal style

Some people also buy certain brands to support their personal or professional image. People buy clothes at Hot Topic because this darker, gloomier style appeals to their Gothy image. If you are into technology, you might want to buy the so-called smart clothes. And if you want to project power, you want to buy tailored suits for men.

Brand Loyalty

Over time customers develop loyalty to their favourite brands that provide them with high-quality products. Sometimes it could be very emotional attachment if you are in love with a particular brand, other times it could be motivated by previous experiences or patriotism. If your products are great enough, many customers will pick them over objectively better ones because they’re convinced of their quality.

Going to school in baggy sweatpants?

Many young readers of this blog have started school or will soon, so maybe we should introduce some of the generic outfit ideas for school outfits that are comfortable, within the dress code, and very practical. Here are some tips, I hope you will find them interesting!

Don't show too much skin in baggy sweatpantsPreppy, girly look

You can start with a pair of skinny white jeans, with a blank tank top. Now, for many stricter high schools, a tank top would be definitely not in the regulations… but if you complement it with a cute jumper or a lightweight flannel long sleeved shirt you can make it work. As for shoes, put on large boots that will contrast nicely with the skinny jeans. And complement it with no hat, but a top knot or a ponytail.

Sporty look

Try wearing baggy sweatpants to look goodYou needn’t dress up specifically for school, you can go there pretty casual, with baggy sweatpants with rolled up angles, and a grey sweatshirt. I added a bit of color with a rainbow pattern T-shirt and left the hoodie unzipped, you can also customize it with badges or attractive footwear – like red converses or sandals. Usually when I wear a hoodie I wear no headgear, but this time, I complemented it with a black baseball cap.

Chill look.

Sometimes you want to just roll out of bed, throw on a pair of new baggy sweatpants and go to school. It’s still functional and if you shower and wash your clothes, you can still be very functional. You can still wear a pair of joggers, they are very fashionable and more shapely than baggy sweatpants. As for the shirt, you can wear a bright T-shirt or one with a cool print, tuck it into pants and you’re ready to go. This outfit doesn’t need any specifically dedicated shoes, wear whatever you want as long as you feel good.

So here are your basic ideas, I hope you will like them and share your own approaches!

12 reasons to wear baggy sweatpants

Woman wearing baggy sweatpantsYou probably own a pair of baggy sweatpants you carry for your daily trips to the gym. And by baggy sweatpants, I mean that they are lightweight, loose cotton trousers, with elastic cuff at waist and ankle, which is basically the staple of a workout wardrobe. And if you’re a freelancer, and exercise at home with jogging or runway, sweatpants might be the only trousers you’ll ever need. There are some benefits for choosing sweats when you want to warm up or relax at home.

Runner’s delight

If you try to jog, the coming of the fall might be a disappointment. Cool autumn evenings and winter chill can curb your enthusiasm for completing your daily mileage. But using baggy sweatpants might help you stick to your workout plan. Sweatpants that are lightweight, enabling your legs to breathe, give you a full range of motion, and absorb sweat, are the best to wear when it’s cold outside. The elastic ankle cuffs will protect your legs from cold. When buying new sweats it’s best to choose ones made of synthetic material or a blend of cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture, and can freeze if it gets cold enough. Polyester pants are a better choice.

You can exercise in baggy sweatpantsCan you dance?

If you’re exerciser or a dancer, you might consider wearing sweatpants over tights or leotards for warmups, to prevent muscle pulls or strains and increase flexibility. And if you would sweat for breakdancing, they’re perfect for this. Hip-hop dancing requires a loose, comfortable, inexpensive “uniform” that could withstand dirt from mean streets and never be the worse for wear. Sweats for hip-hop class are now like leotards for ballet — the dress code. So look cool and stay warm while you prance around to the beat in your regulation baggy sweatpants.

Baggy sweatpants – the perfect loungewear

Your favorite pair of sweats is usually as soft and worn as an old t-shirt or blanket. Sweats are typically made of cotton, which is an extremely durable fiber that has a soft drape and a smooth feel to it. One of the basic properties of cotton is its ability to hold 24 to 27 times its weight in water. Cotton sweats will absorb the moisture from your workout, keeping you cooler as you push through those last repetitions.



The first step in understanding fashion is to create it yourself. I don’t know a woman with a passion for fashion who wouldn’t be interested in tailoring or sewing. But today, we’ll talk about a simple exercise of crocheting or knitting. There are many guides to knitting online, you can also buy wholesale scarves to see how the professionals do it and compare your work with it. Many of us start with knitting simple projects, like scarves, but you might go beyond this.

If you want to buy cheap scards wholesale, visit us

A beanie hat is very easy to knit, and it also helps you to figure out how to use circular needles and double-pointed needles. Cowls are similar to wholesale scarves, but they’re shorter and smaller, so it’s a great way to try out more complicated stitch patterns like cables and lace. You don’t need to practice with a circular needle to make round objects – you can sew things like headbands, cowls, boot cuffs, or even kids toys. Many of my friends don’t spend money for gifts like scarves wholesale, and instead make baby items, small boots, mittens, hats, and dresses. In fact, they can play with the colors, because it’s for a baby and it looks adorable and cute. And if you want to make something big, for adults, perhaps you could make a triangular shawl or a large poncho. And don’t discard the failed projects! You can always use them as fancy, colorful washcloths!

Many witer outfits require wholesale scarves

Let’s assume you’ve knitted a lot of scarves. You might sell your cheap scarves online, perhaps you can fancy yourself a small-scale wholesale scarves supplier… You can advertise your products on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or your blog if you already have followers. You can use Etsy or Folksy to sell the ready product… or if you have time, you can go to a fair or a convention to sell your cheap scarves. You need to know your market and to be able to make items to order! Large wholesale scarfs companies can manage it easily, but you can also find a niche for yourself!