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Laugh at a funny t shirt wholesale and be merry!

The act of human beings laughing is just as natural as snow falling on the mountains or a stream gently bubbling down its path to the ocean. I personally believe that laughter is key for humans to vent out anxiety and refresh the mind. It is in general a natural social response that indicates commonality within a group and can show relief at the passing of danger. When you mix the absurd into the pot, the whole equation suddenly gets really weird. The laughter that absurdity induces is often laced with confusion, and I absolutely love it. This is why every t shirt wholesale I sell or wear is always extremely off-kilter and absurd.

Wearing an absurd, funny t shirt wholesale is almost like playing a prank on everyone you encounter. You know that whatever inane joke you’re telling with your shirt is going to be difficult to grasp, but that’s okay. Once the observer understands the absurd nature of the humour, the shared laughter is genuine. It is a bonding experience to overcome the small challenge of absurdity. It is an absolute truth that laughter is the best way to join two people together in a common cause, even if that common cause is something so small as an absurd joke.

shirt wholesale

The whole point of being absurd is to force people out of their comfort zone and into a world of the unknown where anything can happen. Monty Python perfected the technique, and their form of absurdist humour is still popular today. When you deal with absurdist comedy, up can be down or even sideways. When people are jerked out of normalcy and into the absurd, every situation is a challenge. No one knows what could happen or where the joke could lead. This makes my hilarious shirt wholesale the greatest social tool I could make or own.

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