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What sells well in America might sell well here!

In a recent study, the proprietors of various small boutiques and other clothes stores in the States have revealed which women’s wholesale clothing do they usually order. They have revealed what women’s wholesale clothing they source the most or what do they like purchasing while introducing different cuts and colours to their customers. If you, too have some experience with selling clothes, you might want to consider these tips.

  • Denim – Let’s be honest, we all imagine Americans in jeans and T-shirts. These cowboy trousers thus still remain the favourite among women’s wholesale clothing stores in the US. Whether the classic jeans, denim shirts, or even pleated skirts, denim is the crucial aspect. It’s tough, can look nice with a decent wash, style or fabric, and it’s very versatile – and this resonates well the American customers.women's wholesale clothing
  • Exercise clothes – Whether it’s baggy sweatpants, yoga wear, classic tracksuit or compression gear, the American shopkeepers are going all out with ordering sports versions of women’s wholesale clothing. There’s a sizable number of types, designs, fabrics for any sports discipline, and so you are certain to find any kind of clothes for your store.
  • Flannel – For some Americans, spring starts in March. And flannel is soft, lightweight and fairly warm, perfect for spring. You can find flannel shirts, skirts, pants and all sorts of women’s wholesale clothing. In short, flannel is the most popular fabric in the spring. If you wish your stock to sell out fast, consider buying these women’s wholesale clothing!
  • Sweatpants and American Football jerseys – And many people also have a stereotype of an obese American in his baggy sweatpants, crashing on a sofa in a dirty, baggy football shirt, drinking his Coors and eating corn crisps… But hey, they are relaxing. And you can imitate them – at least you have comfortable clothes! And nevertheless, you should offer sports t-shirts and other comfortable women’s wholesale clothing.

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