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Dresscodes and how to dress properly at the workplace!

The state of the economy being what it is now, it’s no wonder that a lot of new employees dress shabbily. Many guys just come to work in wholesale mens jeans and if they’re clean, that’s an achievement. They don’t give any thought to their appearance. And this doesn’t create a good image of the company. No wonder that many companies enforce strict dress codes even for the back office workers and temps. A compulsory dress code increases productivity.

wholesale mens jeansOf course, the exact form of the dress code depends on the actual company in question. Some require dress codes only for the workers that are accountable for the client’s well-being: the sales force, management, customer service. But I have also worked for prestigious financial companies that have enforced dress codes for computer specialists, copywriters, photographers or logisticians working for them. After all, if the company has no dress code, anyone can wear anything – and this can distract other employees. Not to be stereotypical, but guys in wholesale mens jeans can change the business into a locker room. You don’t want this to happen, do you?

A lot of male workers might opt for casual business or semi-casual attire but this might change from one company to another. Let’s assume that you want to set the dress code for your office. For one, you could outright ban “funny” T-shirts, with distracting slogans or even foul language, revealing clothes like tank tops or distressed wholesale mens jeans. Wearing hats indoors usually, depends on the job, and could be allowed for religious reasons for instance. And naturally, sweatpants and sweatsuits are a no-no! But is it okay to allow something for men and ban it for women? For instance, women can wear ties and some can look good in them. I’d allow ties for women if that ever became a problem!

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