Why go to fashion school at all?

model-1500088_1920I bet a lot of our readers would like to go into fashion. And many designers came into fashion from various backgrounds, some were even industrial programmers who wanted to combine architectural designs with principles of aesthetic. And many young people, especially girls, want to go to fashion school. If you get an education from a top fashion school, you might jumpstart your career in the business. Here it’s a couple of tips why you should try fashion school.

You will learn the basics. Your passion for fashion is not enough, you need knowledge and theory. You need to learn the history of fashion, learn design skills, sometimes even practical ones. You need to learn to draw, to sew, to cut – every major fashion designer had to start somewhere, and often they still work their sewing machine.

girl-803333_1920And apart from the skills, you can learn the theory of design. The color is vital for fashion design. There’s a lot more to color than meets the eye, and the fashion school can help you use the colors and patterns. You learn about colors in your basic education, that you shouldn’t mix greens and reds because they’re complementary… but a fashion school can teach you so much more! It’s not just about picking the “correct” color for designs. If you remember the epic beatdown Miranda delivers in “Devil wears Prada” on the color of the blouse, this is it – the exact shade of blue can make or break the costume.

You will have to work on sketches, patterns, fit them on models and sew them all by hand. And this takes a lot of hard work at home and at school. This stresses you out, you have to do a lot of work and have massive deadlines every single week (and that’s still nothing compared with real work in the fashion industry). So you don’t transform your passion into knowledge – but your passion should become your drive.

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