Treggings are the new leggings!

treggings fit women great

More women wear treggings these days

Treggings are the new leggings! These weird abominations are a combination of trousers and leggings (perhaps this is the origin of the name? Hmmm, further research is necessary), and their application also reflects this. They are far easier to wear than original leggings, since they’re usually made of a thicker, more “trousery” material, and are similar to pants in cut – that is, they are not skin tight. And they’re more elastic than the usual skin-tight pants, allowing you more comfort. They’re just as comfortable as leggings and even more stylish. Leggings are very popular these days, and treggings have successfully dominated over jeggings.

Treggings are sleek, elegant, and unlike jeggings are more work-appropriate. For your boss, they will function as well as black trousers. Treggings usually offer a flattering center seam and a concealed waistband, but other styles are of course available. Treggings come in a multitude of colors and designs. You can use them to dress up and down, they can work comfortably as casual wear but also work for your office. If you want to look simple, combine basic colors like red, white and black, combining plaid treggings with the white shirt and a deep red blazer. Treggings are great and simple to style, with heel, brogues, boots or sneakers, but don’t match them with ragged, dirty converses.

Treggings can fit long, flowy topsTreggings can work great with all kinds of tops – skinny pants mesh well with more bulky, blocky tops like baggy sweaters, ponchos or flowy women’s tunics. They can be also matched well with bulky coats in order to underline the vertical silhouette. And if you don’t care much for elegance, throw on an oversized tee with a fancy pattern or golden bangles. If you’re plus-sized, don’t tuck your top in the skinny treggings. Match it with a leather jacket and you’re ready to hit the town!

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