Tracksuits can be fashionable!

Baggy sweatpants can be fashionableModern clothing brands show little difference between work out clothes and fashionable streetwear. In fact, major clothing brands like Palace, Gosha and Supreme have all recently released serious collections of sweat suits – offering loose sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants, for many they remind them of tracksuits of Eastern European gangsters. And there are also older brands like Kappa and Ellese that have been rediscovered by Stores like JD sports. It seems like the modern streetwear resembles the classic styles of sportswear.

Streetwear has always been somewhat based on classic sportswear, and major brands like Puma, Adidas or Nike have always been inspiring casual wear for expressing the street cred, and shaping their basic identities and collections. These roots for inspirations are quite uncomplicated, simple, innovative and managed to produce very attractive clothes for men and for women. All in all, the tracksuits can be rather attractive, and baggy sweatpants can be very comfortable. These are some great, attractive pieces, and can instantly transform you from a simple girl on the street out into a modern street wear afficionada.

You can take classic designs of classic tracksuits, start altering them and turn them into great, exceptional pieces. But many popular brands with their baggy sweatpants can rip off the classical trends in sweatsuits, and manage to present them as trendy outerwear. Many traditional outerwear has always been practical, and the bright colors managed to bring forth the practicality of this aspect.

Many young people want to go full athletic in their appearance, wearing the shiny polyester tracksuit and baggy sweatpants, but this isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone. If you want to look great at all occasion, you need to wear more adjustable clothes, something more versatile. Tracksuits might work great for outerwear, but especially for women who want do their hair and makeup, they don’t blend well on street, and if you’re a women you might not want to wear them.

And many hooligans prefer tracksuits so if you don’t want to give yourself this association, you might not want to wear tracksuits or baggy sweatpants on street, and you don’t want to dress up in that. Presentation is key and you want to be associated with sports wear, not with hooligans.

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