Why do people buy brand names?

In order to improve your business decisions, make your store function better, and promote your business, you need above all to understand what are the motives and interests of your customers and target markets. If you are a retailer or reseller, you need to understand what to buy and what brand name products and generic goods to provide. Consumers tend to buy generic, brandless products because they’re cheaper, but they buy brand names for many different reasons.

Brand name marketing

In general when a customer buys a new brand-name product like clothes or computers, he or she expects it will provide them with a quality experience. They want the phone work as advertised and allow them to work and play efficiently – and if they consider iPhone a good brand, they will reach for that. And for clothes, they look for popularity, durability and comfort. Most recognised brand names should show consistency in product quality, they can afford complete product testing and quality control. Thanks to this, the brand gains many followers, and new customers often rely on their experiences and public word of mouth.

Social Acceptance

In America there’s a saying “to keep up with the Joneses” which means that when a neighbor Jones buys a new car, a new pair of trousers, you also want this. People in the western world like to fit in whether in school, at work or among their friends of acquaintances.They buy many things even though they don’t need it; the brand name items establish that they are rich, influential and can fit into the new social circles.

Girl in loose top, relaxing with a drinkPersonal style

Some people also buy certain brands to support their personal or professional image. People buy clothes at Hot Topic because this darker, gloomier style appeals to their Gothy image. If you are into technology, you might want to buy the so-called smart clothes. And if you want to project power, you want to buy tailored suits for men.

Brand Loyalty

Over time customers develop loyalty to their favourite brands that provide them with high-quality products. Sometimes it could be very emotional attachment if you are in love with a particular brand, other times it could be motivated by previous experiences or patriotism. If your products are great enough, many customers will pick them over objectively better ones because they’re convinced of their quality.

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