Going to school in baggy sweatpants?

Many young readers of this blog have started school or will soon, so maybe we should introduce some of the generic outfit ideas for school outfits that are comfortable, within the dress code, and very practical. Here are some tips, I hope you will find them interesting!

Don't show too much skin in baggy sweatpantsPreppy, girly look

You can start with a pair of skinny white jeans, with a blank tank top. Now, for many stricter high schools, a tank top would be definitely not in the regulations… but if you complement it with a cute jumper or a lightweight flannel long sleeved shirt you can make it work. As for shoes, put on large boots that will contrast nicely with the skinny jeans. And complement it with no hat, but a top knot or a ponytail.

Sporty look

Try wearing baggy sweatpants to look goodYou needn’t dress up specifically for school, you can go there pretty casual, with baggy sweatpants with rolled up angles, and a grey sweatshirt. I added a bit of color with a rainbow pattern T-shirt and left the hoodie unzipped, you can also customize it with badges or attractive footwear – like red converses or sandals. Usually when I wear a hoodie I wear no headgear, but this time, I complemented it with a black baseball cap.

Chill look.

Sometimes you want to just roll out of bed, throw on a pair of new baggy sweatpants and go to school. It’s still functional and if you shower and wash your clothes, you can still be very functional. You can still wear a pair of joggers, they are very fashionable and more shapely than baggy sweatpants. As for the shirt, you can wear a bright T-shirt or one with a cool print, tuck it into pants and you’re ready to go. This outfit doesn’t need any specifically dedicated shoes, wear whatever you want as long as you feel good.

So here are your basic ideas, I hope you will like them and share your own approaches!

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