wholesale womens blazers

Wholesale womens blazers – greatest for the office?

There are times when I come into the office looking sharp and on point. There are also times when it snows in Hell or when a police officer is actually courteous and helpful. It is, however much more likely that I crawl into the office, not caring how I look like, only thinking of the next cup of coffee and hoping my co-workers won’t notice my hair. Am I right or am I right? And just my hair and outlook… it’s a lucky day when I can find an outfit that’s semi-reasonable for work. I don’t collect wholesale womens blazers. But seriously. I have a limited wardrobe and budget and I want to look fashionable seven days a week from nine to five.

wholesale womens blazersOne solution is counter-intuitive – save some money and ditch brand names. Instead of investing in Prada, get cheaper clothes like wholesale womens blazers – and match them with brand-name accessories. People will remember a neat blazer, but they will focus on the logo on your handbag. The key to looking like a million dollars is to show the exclusive clothes and wear reasonably-priced items underneath. You will build a neat wardrobe this way.

I personally believe that the real power is the attitude. You need to dress up like a powerful woman not just to impress others – above all, you need to impress yourself.  If you dress fashionably, you’ll learn how to project power and strong will with your body language.

And of course, pick a neat top to guide you through this transformation – there are many wholesale womens blazers on the market. A lot of women would think to wear leather and/or fur clothes to work. A light cardigan, a denim jacket or even a hoodie is, of course, less professional, but if you feel confident in them, don’t neglect these.


wholesale leggings

Why are wholesale leggings ever-popular?

Leggings are one of the most popular pieces of clothing on the market. In fact, you can find wide varieties of wholesale leggings in warehouses, local shops as well as in the online stores. If you go through these online shopping facilities, you will be able to discover some of the most delicate varieties which can be purchased at the best price. The items will be delivered at your doorsteps when you place an online order.

So it’s easy to order wholesale leggings for your store, or retail leggings for yourself. When you select vivid, colorful leggings, you will brighten up your wardrobe. It is possible to go for cheaper leggings where a touch of ditsy florals trend can be followed. There are many artistic groups which purchase wholesale leggings for their members – perfect for dance, drama and light music. They provide the team uniformity of dressing and it possible to present unique performance. You can influence your audience not only with the music and dance but also with your appearance!

wholesale leggingsSome of the most popular leggings include polka dot printed leggings, geo-tribal printed leggings, cotton tribal printed leggings and high waist matte liquid leggings. When you are in the wild and cheerful mode, you can wear bright colors. Bright colored and flowered leggings will enhance your mood and you will enhance your appearance as well. There are wholesale leggings of various lengths available on the market, and you will find a pair perfect your body shape. Thes leggings are prepared with material that will cling to the body. Hence, the curves of the body are very much highlighted.

The different kinds of leggings include ankle-length, Capri, knee-length, stirrup and foot leggings. Footed leggings are prepared with thick materials, and they will provide you with optimal protection during the winter season. You can wear leggings along with a dress and scarf.  During the winter season, long peacoats will give you grand look, when worn with nice tight leggings.


scarves wholesale

How to efficiently choose your scarf colour

Scarves wholesale are very popular among the producers and the store owners. You have probably seen a stand with scarves near the till – and I expect you own a couple of them, too! Many people, though, will inevitably get confused when they will have to choose the color of silk scarf they should wear. Some even hire consultants in order not to mess up everything, but the trick is simple. Just follow the time of the year, and you will be sporting the most relevant colors of that season. You should also remember to check the compatibility of the scarf color with your skin tone – whether you are a Spring, an Autumn, a Winter or a Summer. This way you will not waste your hard-earned money on an expensive silk scarf that will not look good on you.

scarves wholesaleThe snowy winter is coldest of all the seasons of the year, and the best way to keep warm and look dashing is to look for thick silk scarves. The silk scarves wholesale aren’t usually marketed by the producers as winter wear, but they are fairly insulating! The colors for the cold winter are usually navy blue, black, and pink. This is because these colors work nice with the white snow and the subdued atmosphere of the cold season. For scorching summer, look for bright, vivid colors like baby blue, pale lemon, gold, lavender and suchlike. These summer colors are typically bright and will seem to add some shine when the sun shows on the sky. During the colder spring and fall, the scarf colors are supposed to be warm. Think creamy white, pale peach, strawberry, golden brown and similar ones. Autumn is in particular very colorful, so try to contrast with red and browns with blues and greens. In fact, it pays to stand out – you will still look good when using other colors from the other season.

Most natural silk scarves are a greener alternative than synthetic, non-biodegradable materials like nylon and polyester. In the making of the scarves, no oil is used therefore it means no emissions into the environment.


tracksuits wholesale

Velour sweatsuits – stylish and comfortable!

Velour is a popular material, used for creation suits and dresses for various occasions. The first velour suits, made in 13 century, were intended only for rich aristocrats and were inaccessible to the ordinary people. Velour is very similar to a velvet in touch, and today it became a material which is pleasant to wear at any time of the year. In fact, more and more producers of clothes offer tracksuits wholesale made of velour. Being not only beautiful material, velour is also very practical. It doesn’t fade over time or after washing, and it’s also very durable.

tracksuits wholesaleThe first sweatsuit from velour was created by Fila and after that, this material became popular among other manufacturers. They keep making velour tracksuits wholesale for everyone, mostly classic style ones in calm tones. Usually, it is a simple pair of pants and a jacket with the zipper. Sometimes such suits can be decorated with an embroidery or applications.

When everyone started to notice the convenience and luxury of such suits, lots of manufacturers of tracksuits wholesale launched their own velour casual clothing line. Home velour suits don’t differ much from sports suits, only sometimes they have replaced a jacket with a hoodie. They are intended not just for sports, you can also go for a walk, barbecue, picnic or meet your friends. Such suits can be decorated with rich embroidery or even printed images. If you like glamor fashion – such suits are for you.

But many people oppose these glamorous sweatsuits – I’d agree that wearing a tracksuit is not always proper. Even if it’s a fancy velour sweatsuit, you can’t go to a cinema, a theater wearing this. I wouldn’t like to go in it to a “proper” shopping trip – but to run some errands and get some food for dinner… they’ll work great and still draw attention. If I have to dress casually, I might as well dress fashionably.

wholesale womens trousers

Body types and bottoms!

I honestly believe that every woman is different, every woman wants to look good… and so, it implies that every woman wants to have a good job and act professionally there! And even though every woman has a unique body, we often classify body types as one of four basic shapes. Now, we all know you shouldn’t classify yourself as a pear or rectangular shape. However, it is still a useful tool, especially when buying wholesale womens trousers for work! You want to look professionally in a nice jacket and nice-looking trousers, after all.

wholesale womens trousersThe Apple Body Type

A lady that’s rather top-heavy and broad-shouldered, but has slim legs is probably an apple. These ladies should put more emphasis on their legs, and so wholesale womens trousers are very important for them. They typically have wide shoulders, their chest might be above average, but their focus is slim, shapely legs, and narrow hips. If you’re an apple, put more emphasis on your legs with colorful trousers, and a neutral jacket.

The Pear Body Type

These ladies tend to have smaller upper bodies, slim waists, and rounded bottoms – often though as “child-bearing” or “guitar-shaped”. You shouldn’t invest in wholesale womens trousers with large pockets, and it’s best you draw attention to your slim upper body.

The Rectangular Body Type

The rectangular body type is sometimes called a “banana” – your torso has more or less the same circumference. Your shoulders, bust size, and waist are similar, and your waist isn’t that well defined. To help you create the illusion of a waist, consider padded jackets, wholesale womens trousers with pockets on the bottom and high waist.

The Hourglass Body Type

An hourglass is considered very feminine: if a woman’s bust and hip measurements match, but she has a narrow, definite waist, this is the classic hourglass shape. Your trousers should underline your posterior and the waist.


wholesale scarfs

Silk scarfs – the perfect fashion accessory!

Silk scarves are a perfect fashion accessory since they’re so versatile. You can tie a silk scarf around your neck, around your head, wrist, ankle, or even around your waist. They can provide you with some warmth in the winter, and look good during the summer. No wonder that boutiques always source wholesale scarfs.

However, silk is a delicate fabric that must be taken care of in a certain way. You need to protect it from too much sunlight since its colors might fade. When you want to keep your wholesale scarf safe, don’t fold it – instead roll the scarf loosely to store it and do not jam it into a tight space. It also needs to be kept dry – when it’s wet blot it out with two towels, and never put it into a dryer.

wholesale scarfsIt’s best to dry-clean the wholesale scarfs. Sometimes you can wash your scarf by hand. Never put it in the washing machine, unless you want to rip the scarf, damage the fibers, and ruin its colors. Instead, wash it in a lukewarm water with mild detergent like baby shampoo. Swoosh the scarf in the water, rinse it in cold water, and blot it out with two towels. Leave it to flat dry!

Any liquid – including water that comes in contact with your scarf can stain it! So the solution? Don’t wear the silk scarf when it is raining, since the raindrops may permanently leave spots on the fabric. But remember about this when applying cosmetics like perfume, body spray, hair spray and the like.

In general, you can iron the scarf when you spot any creases or wrinkles. Use the lowest heat setting to avoid burning it, and you can iron its through a layer of some other fabric – use an old towel for example.

wholesale tights

Should I wear nylon tights to work?

So here’s the situation: I’ve just started a new job, and the dress code was described to me as  “business casual”. In my old job, I simply wore jean and hoodies most days so I’m new to this whole dressing up thing. So I had my doubts. Should I be wearing wholesale tights or nylons under my skirts? Are the other women wearing them because it’s cold outside or because it’s something I should be doing?

wholesale tightsIn general, a dress code is a dress code. Individuality aside, it’s not worth risking your job (even if in practice it means arguing with the boss) to simply ignore the dress code.  If everyone is wearing nylon pantyhose, it’s probably because they are considered to be a stylish piece of the dress code… As opposed to the leggings and tights worn mostly for warmth. I don’t think you shouId go bare-legged into the office, especially not in winter, but it depends on the office.

In fact, most offices have some kind of handbook, detailing what’s “business casual”. My office handbook expressly forbids bare legs. If I had any more doubts, I’d double-check it with HR or my direct boss, but it would simply be easier to buy some wholesale tights that matched my skin tone. In fact, for many older women above 40, the pantyhose can act as a sort of “leg makeup.” If you have visible veins, skin discoloration, etc, the pantyhose can mask those a bit.

And it’s also some kind of modesty – sometimes you have to bend over or your shirt bunches up. Skirts tend to stick to your legs in the summer, so a layer of thin nylon pantyhose is very chic and practical. Actually, I’ve worked with more than one girl who didn’t sit in a ladylike way – and dark pantyhose protected them from revealing too much. In general, now even if my workplace allowed bare legs, I’d go in in tights.

mens wholesale jeans

Rises of jeans for men

Jeans come in all sorts of sizes, cuts, and rises. But what exactly is the rise of mens wholesale jeans? Well, normally this refers to the space between the crotch of the jean and the top of its waist. It can be low, medium and high – that is, end above, on or below your hips. It’s very pronounced in women’s jeans, but it can also be visible in mens wholesale jeans. The height of the rise can create a different look and a different level of snugness.  Female jeans are available in both high and low rise, but it’s harder (though not impossible) to find non-medium mens wholesale jeans.

mens wholesale jeansLow-rise jeans have the shortest upper part. There’s little distance between the crotch and waist of a pair of jeans with this styling.  In fact, these jeans end a few centimeters below a man’s belly button. If you want to wear mens wholesale jeans like this, remember to wear a decent shirt – girls might want to reveal their belly, guys don’t, especially if they have a paunch! Low-rise jeans are often associated with the hip-hop culture and so they can be too controversial.

Most mens wholesale jeans on the market are mid-rise. They offer a nice compromise between comfort and appearance. If you want to look great, choose these. It doesn’t have to be that complex – simply wear a nice belt with them. I bet you already own a pair or two of mid-rise jeans. They’re also not as controversial as the other rises.

And our final choice, the high-waisted jeans are often the best option for larger men with more prominent bellies. Think of the high rise jeans as of coming with an inbuilt corset. The high rise can conceal the extra pounds which are likely to be more noticeable in the low-rise and medium-rise jeans.


womens wholesale playsuits

Why rompers are the best clothes for the summer

The cold weather might be upon us, but it’s time to prepare yourself for the forthcoming spring… and summer Spring tends to come and be gone suddenly. And I can safely say that one of the hottest trends which will dominate this year are womens wholesale playsuits (also called a romper or jumpsuit).

Don’t you know what womens wholesale playsuits are? Well, this is a single-piece garment that consists of a top and bottom connected. Unlike a dress, the top might be loose, but the bottom is trousers or shorts. Typically, these come in the same fabric or print, but they can be different solid colors or prints as well.

womens wholesale playsuitsMany times womens wholesale playsuits online are made in different countries so the size of the garment might not be consistent with your normal size. In fact, the playsuits tend to look better when somewhat baggy, so be sure to err on the side of too large instead of too small.

There are times, however, where wearing a playsuit is not exactly appropriate. Often you can wear them to the office, but they’re not suited for everything. For instance, imagine that you’re visiting a festival… although the playsuit will look great and you’ll have fun in the sun, always keep in mind that these need to be fully removed to use the toilet. At many mass events and festivals, generally the facilities are not the best kept or a mobile toilet is used. Needless to say, rompers is not the best choice for this situation.

Playsuits are fun and trendy. It is also crucial to spend some time looking whether they will fit your body style. If you are an apple, or ‘top heavy”, you might not be surprised by the strapless playsuit. If you are curvier, a looser fitting playsuit may be the most flattering to your curves.

wholesale trousers

How to find the perfect wholesale trousers for a wedding suit

I think that practically every woman would love to have the most beautiful wedding dress… and quite a lot of men would like to have a beautiful wedding suit.  But while many people can afford designer brand-name suits, most of us simply tend to buy wedding suits off the peg, usually tailored. But are there any boutiques which can offer a real bargain for your exceptional day? Of course, great boutiques source good quality wholesale trousers, and match great jackets to them as well.

wholesale trousersThere are dozens of types and styles of men’s suits: appointment suits, evening wear, made to order suits, made to measure suits and hand-cut and hand-made suits. Sure, you might dream of wearing a fancy evening suit for your wedding, but you can show up in any suit too. The contemporary textile industry uses new light-weight materials and accessories to produce wholesale trousers and other clothes. Today, almost no one wears the heavy woolen suits. Most of the designers of wholesale trousers switched to cotton or synthetic blends.

In fact, wholesale trousers are available in all sorts designs since the fabrics are lightweight. There are gentlemen’s trousers, farmer’s pants, slacks, overalls and modern pants, and the suit will probably have slacks or other formal wholesale trousers. Slacks have specific ironed lines so that you look more vertical and more handsome.

Remember about the significance of accessories when constructing your suit. Men’s jewelry is now seen as tacky – get rid of cufflinks and tie pins, you can wear maybe a signet ring or a watch. In general, your crucial accessory is a tie, which should be matched to the suit and contrast with the shirt. But when putting your trousers on, remember that your belt and shoes should be the same color: brown belt with brown shoes and a black belt with black shoes.