Why wear high waisted shorts!

wholesale womens shortsHigh waisted shorts! They’re chic, they’re slimming, they’re elegant and they’re finally back! Everyone wants shorts, from people and retailers to companies that buy wholesale womens shorts. So you might think “But Anita, it’s just a waste – no pun intended – of material”. Or “Shorts should be light and summery, not restrictive and tight”. Well, you’re right. But high-rise shorts do offer some fun fashion opportunities and here is me telling you all about it!

The height of the waist depends on the torso length. If you happen to be shorter like my friend Isabella, you might want to avoid the high-waisted bottoms. Since her torso is quite short, she can pick shorts with a lower waist. And she can still rock the look of such pants. This also applies if your cleavage is large, also creating an optical look of a shorter torso – don’t cover it from both top and bottom! Instead, pick shorts that extend past your hip bones but don’t reach the narrowest part of your waist. Every producer of wholesale womens shorts will tell you that.

Shorts are supposed to show some leg, but basically, if anything other than your leg is peeking out from beneath your shorts, ditch them. Put something heavier in the pockets like car keys or a wallet to check it out. High-waisted shorts are a bit dressier than regular ones, so you might want to pick a bit longer pair. Rest your arms along your body – the short can’t be shorter than the ends of your fingertips.

High-waisted shorts are professional enough to tuck your shirt in – in the summer months you can look semi-professional with a buttoned-down short-sleeved shirt. But you can also keep it casual with a tank top or a T-shirt, while still remaining fashionable with colors and prints. And if you want to stay feminine, why not soften up the look with a flirty feminine blouse, for example with ruffles or a girly collar?


What is the point of fashion?

display wholesale shirts on dummiesThe whole point of fashion is changing styles. But let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with dressing for comfort. And there’s no point in torturing yourself with fashionable boots… that are still too small. Or you might have a massive collection of almost wholesale shirts you’ll never wear. And so we tend to stick to the same style for years. It’s high time to shake things up! You need to periodically change your style, to keep in tune with your age and social position. You don’t want to look older or way younger than you really are, do you? Luckily, it’s easy to reinvent your style.

Look at your style first and consider what works and what doesn’t. Some people dress in jeans and T-shirts because they can’t afford much else, others – because it’s comfortable, and others yet – because it’s easy to assemble. All these groups will need to revamp their wardrobe in different ways!

Before you do so, choose your style goal – you might pattern yourself after a famous celeb – after all, that’s what they are for. Describe your desired style, and everything will be breezy. If you decide you want some more punky look, now you know what to shop for, what to get rid of and what to pay attention to. But remember to stay practical – punk rock won’t fit your office, your school and maybe even your circle of friends. And that’s even not considering the climate, budget and time.

Assemble your wardrobe using the basics, like solid colors, versatile black trousers, and LBDs. Focus on both style and fit. Avoid unwanted bulges and dress for your body type and skin tone. If you want to shop online, measure yourself and check against the sizing chart. What can make the style, however, are the accessories – you can change any outfit into stylish creation with a proper hat, shawl or piece of jewelry. Remember to stay focused on your goal – this will help you avoid a shopping spree, you don’t want to become a store that will buy a host of wholesale shirts!

And remember to look at your style at least every five years – you can make photos of yourself to reflect back, and show to your family and friends!


The beauty of the tunic

Tunics are great. They managed to achieve things that seem self-contradictory. They’re loose and flowy – and yet can be very flattering. They can be worn as tops – or as dresses. They can work in both casual and formal settings. And what I really like about them is that they’re quintessentially feminine – a woman in a tunic is a beautiful, shapely lady. A man in a tunic is… a hockey player. That’s why it’s important to match the tunic to your figure.

Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. And that’s why when you’re shopping for clothes you could purchase wholesale tunics that balance out your unique body shape by highlighting your best features. A tunic can help you out to show off – and hide things you’re not proud of. If your upper body is narrower than your lower body, you want to draw attention to your slender shoulders to balance out your wide hips. Therefore, your tunic should not end mid-waist, nor mid-thigh. It should have side vents that hit above or just below the widest part of your body. To draw attention to your upper body, pick a tunic with a deep V-neck or wide neck, and add accessories to draw attention to your upper body, like a large necklace or a scarf.

wholesale tunicsAnd if your upper body is wider than the lower body (you’re an apple), the ideal tunic should draw attention to the slender lower body, making it more proportional. This tunic could also end with a short hemline, to end higher and show off your shapely legs. And if you’re an hourglass, you definitely want to accentuate the waist, being more feminine. Seach for figure-hugging tunics or use a belt. You can force it even if you’re more of a banana – a “normal”, boxy figure. That’s what any distributor of wholesale tunics will tell you.

And apart from your figure, you should also consider your height. If you’re a petite woman, you don’t want to look like a little girl in an oversized t-shirt. Carefully consider your hemline, and avoid empire waists and poofy sleeves. If you’re very tall, your tunic should end at your mid-thigh.


Why wear skinny jeans!

wholesale women's clothingPerhaps the only time you shouldn’t wear skinny jeans during winter is if you’re losing more from wearing these. It might be simply too cold, especially in Europe, Canada, and northern parts of USA. If these skinny pants are too tight or don’t fit you, they can even cause you physical pain. But if you find that they look great, are comfortable and they can keep you warm, by all means, wear them. If local stores nearby have a good source of wholesale women’s clothing, you can buy them all year round!

Skinny jeans look good in any season. In winter you can combine them with a massive oversized sweater or cardigan, or a big scarf to keep you warm. You’ll want a warm winter jacket to keep warm. It also depends on your build – if you’re naturally a tall, thin lady, skinny jeans can make you very elegant and willowy. But if you put up a bulky winter top, you will look instead like a walking lollipop. Balance it with boots – luckily the skinny jeans work also great with massive boots. And they will keep your feet warm, too. If you live in colder climes, you can simply wear thin leggings underneath; dressing in layers will definitely keep you warm. And at home, you can go ahead and couple them with knee-high fluffy socks!

Some girls I know rather than putting in leggings under their jeans wear these skinny jeans under a pair of sweatpants. They wear the skinny jeans only indoor. This doesn’t seem practical, but skinny jeans can be worn to work this way. I’ve never heard of an employee that would buy wholesale women’s clothing for the winter as clothes uniform but maybe I’m old fashioned.  What matters is not only the cut of the pants but also the thinness or thickness of denim; heavier skinny jeans are better to wear during the cold winters in Europe.


Open a t-shirt printing business at home

A fun idea for a small business is a workshop for printing on t-shirts. If you have at least some basic design skills, you can create simple patterns and make a handsome profit out of it. You can easily find new customers if you advertise among your friends. Get a steady supply of ladies wholesale t shirts, and crafting materials, and build a simple screen printing workshop.

print on ladies wholesale t shirtsFirst, you need a canvas stretcher frame – a basic frame for mounting a canvas. You can buy it in a craft supplies store or build it yourself. If you’re starting with the designs, ensure it’s about the size of a large A4/letter-size, so that you could fit it to ladies wholesale t shirts and print designs on your home printer.

For your designs, you need tight mesh. In general, mesh count measures how loose or tight the mesh is, and the tighter mesh is marked by a high number. For start, aim for 110-130 mesh count. If you want more details, go for mesh count around 200-250, especially if you want to print on white ladies wholesale t shirts. Nail it or staple it to the frame, pulling it tight, so that it is nice and tight. You will need a squeegee, some source of light for the later stages. You can have multiple designs – silk screens can apply only one color at a time, so if you want to have multiple colors, make different screens!

To start making a pattern, choose simple patterns – at first stick to a single color. Prepare sketches, and reduce it to a single color. There are many software effects that could separate colors or adjust it to one or two-tone images. Print it out and cut it out as a stencil – everything covered by the stencil will be covered in ink. You could print it out on transparent paper, which will allow you to make your stencil better.

use the paints to print on ladies' wholesale t shirtsCoat your screen with a layer of photo emulsion, spread it evenly with a squeegee. Apply it to the flat side of the frame, the one when there’s no wood. Do it in a darkroom, let it dry a little bit. Prepare an exposure area – with a 200W bulb about half a meter over the place where the frame will go. Put the stenciled image backward in the middle of the screen, emulsion side up. Turn on the light. Depending on the brand of the emulsion, the light should be on for about half an hour.

After it dries, wash off the screen with cold water. It should wash away the unhardened emulsion, leaving the outline of your stencil on. Keep on spraying. Now the screen is ready.

All you have to do now is just to take a shirt, slide some cardboard between the layers of it for protection, and use the fabric paint to paint across the stencil. Slowly pull off your screen and let the shirt dry. This way you could reuse the stencil multiple times – it would wear out after around 200 prints, for multiple days in a row if properly conserved.


Opening up a T-shirt workshop

Pick a good wholesale t shirt like thisA customized T-shirt is a great gift. And it could be even greater one if you make it yourself. It’s not hard once you’ve got some practice. With time you could even start your own business if you can get a t shirt wholesale or two, but it depends on your other costs. If you have a home printer, you could simply use transfer print, or if you want more substantial and durable, you could use a photo-reactive dye that develops color in the light, like Inkodye. And if you don’t mind a little DIY, you could build a small screen printing workshop yourself!

Getting the transfer paper is simple, you could get it in craft supplies stores that sell specialized printer paper. There are two kinds of this transfer paper – one for white and light shirts, one for darker ones. The paper, the home ink printer, and a computer are the only supplies you need in this case… and of course a t shirt wholesale.

Pick an image on your computer – you could use a simple program like MS Paint. If you’re using transfer paper for light-colored shirts, you need to “mirror” or flip it. If you don’t do it, your image will be backward. Don’t do it for darker shirts. Print your design – if it’s too big, use “fit to scale” option. Cut out the image, because any paper you leave will show up as a thin film on the t shirt wholesale.

Don’t use an ironing board to do the actual transfer. Instead, take a larger table or counter, put a large piece of heat-resistant cotton like a pillowcase or a heat-resistant blanket. It needs to be even. Heat your iron – unless the instructions on your transfer paper say otherwise, select the “cotton”, turn off the steam and remove the water. Before you apply the transfer, iron the shirt first.

A colorful t shirt wholesale works well when customizedPut the cut out image on the shirt – face down for light shirts, face up for dark ones. Align it properly, and iron it into the shirt. How to do it exactly, depends on the specific brand of transfer paper, but almost always you need to do it evenly, so that every part of the paper now sticks to the cotton. Let it cool and peel off the paper when it reaches room temperature. This should take you around 15 minutes…

So, unless you are a great designer yourself, you could churn out about 20 shirts per day – maybe you shouldn’t invest in the t shirt wholesale. This method is okay, but sooner or later the entire print will fall off. Wash it inside out to prevent it. On the plus side, the print will rarely crumble. Later we’ll talk about home screen printing, so watch this space!

beige shoes on a white background

A couple of words on women shoes wholesale

wholesale women's shoesI watched the recent remake of Cinderella with my boyfriend, the one with fantastic Helena Bonham-Carter and even greater Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother… and he made a silly joke that the glass slipper doesn’t mean that Cinderella had beautiful feet – it’s just that they were the largest in the kingdom. I retorted that the big feet can be beautiful… not just on a clown. But seriously, feet are weird. There’s no perfect proportion for you shoe size – that’s why you need to buy women shoes wholesale. But some women feel that they need to reduce their perceived huge feet and it’s doable with a couple of tricks.

The most obvious are high heels. Everyone knows that they make your feet look smaller – and you will look taller. Instead of daring, sky-high stilettos, you can instead go for wedges or chunky heels which will still make your feet less of an attraction.

Replace your pointy toes with round ones – the triangular feet might look sleek and sexy, but they draw undue attention. Go round – but square would be even worse. The best shoes for you will be also dark since it makes you look slimmer it will optically reduce your shoes. Go for earth tones, grays, or deep reds or greens and whatever women shoes wholesale you can find.

Don’t overexpose your feet, and avoid straps. If you want to show some skin, you can try peep-toes or slingbacks. Instead, use tasteful accents like bows and buckles to make your shoes look and feel more petite.

And of course, if you wear a large size, you might not find fitting footwear in every store. Your best bet would be shopping online. And they usually stock women shoes wholesale in all sizes. If all else fails, you can try on men’s sneakers and tennis shoes, but high heels could be made custom to order.

But seriously, if a man cares about your feet too much, chances are that their size will be actually a turn on. Don’t fret too much over your perceived huge feet, highlight your other assets. The reason your feet feel huge is probably simply because you think of them too much!


A short guide to sweaters for men, part three!

afroamerican-349806_1920And here we are, talking about men’s sweaters for buyers. I hope that not just regular guys will read it but also shop assistants might use it to advise the guys on what to wear and how to combine sweaters with other accessories, and when stocking up on that wholesale men sweater. Today we’ll be talking about sweaters for men – and what styles to pick and which sweater styles to avoid.

Neck cuts

Your simplest choice is a crew neck sweater. This is probably the most common kind of sweater for men since it’s very simple to knit, versatile and doesn’t reveal much what you’re wearing underneath. I’d recommend a cashmere, soft wool or cotton blend here since chances are that you’ll be wearing this kind of sweater through the entire winter. Large stores often purchase wholesale men sweater like this one. They’re quite casual, so avoid them in more formal environments. Underneath you can wear a T-shirt, a buttoned down shirt or a polo neck.

A V-neck sweater is a more formal choice – it’s cut so that it shows you’re wearing a collared shirt and a tie, so you might do so. In fact, some consider V-cuts effeminate – so you could use a tie to balance it out. And the V-cut serves an additional purpose – it’s slimming, creating a vertical “arrow”. You might wear a t-shirt under the v-neck, but don’t combine v-neck tees with sweaters – unless you are really proud of your chest hair during the winter…

doll-1077238_1920There are some sweaters with built-in collars – usually called “polo sweaters”. It’s a combo that implies some style and is quite fashionable nowadays. Slide a simple T-shirt underneath and rock this look! You can but wholesale men sweater like this to improve your wardrobe.

How about a cardigan?

A cardigan is a bit more old school – but very comfortable. It’s a sweater that’s not a pullover… or a jumper – I mean the kind of sweater that’s worn like a suit jacket, buttoned up front (though some are zipped). They’re pretty great because they’re a bit formal, can be worn as outerwear, but can be unzipped and reveal a funny T-shirt with your favorite band. I love men in cardigans!

And if you want to show off your physique like Sterling Archer, there’s nothing better than a turtleneck. You don’t show your T-shirt nor your elegant buttoned-up suit shirt – wear them once in a while, especially if you don’t want to spend an eternity looking for that scarf.

And that’s it! Of course, there are many other styles, cuts, and materials of sweaters for men. Give me a holler if you want to talk more about sweaters!

You can read the previous parts of this blog here and here.


A short guide to sweaters for men, part two!

Hey, guys! We continue our epic saga about wearing fashionable sweaters for men. I sure hope the guys read this blog and learn how to find an elegant wholesale men sweater, how to buy them, and wear them. Recently I wrote about how to choose the right fabric for your sweater… well, you know what I meant. Now that you know whether you want a woolen or cotton sweater, let’s look at various colors and patterns!

How to mix patterns

The general rule is that darker colors of sweaters are more fit for the formal occasion, and lighter are more casual. Guys, colors do matter. Browns, black are more formal, while lighter colors are more casual. Don’t wear bright colored sweaters unless they fit you perfectly – pinks and neons are almost always right out. Greens are semi-acceptable, but any bright wholesale men sweater is good only as a visible, statement outerwear, like a cardigan.

Wholesale men sweaters can look goodPatterns on sweaters are controversial; fancy patterns like ones found on the ghastly Christmas sweaters are right out. The more patterns you have, the less formal your sweater is. If you want to have a patterned sweater, this will mean that it will be the focal point of your outfit, and your trousers and shoes should be plain to underline it. The most popular are probably argyle sweaters – with a simple pattern of interlocking diamonds in several colors. You can also use a simple checkered or houndstooth pattern or whatever else wholesale men sweater your retailer can find.

The money issue

And finally, consider your brand and whether it will fit you. There’s no point in spending $300 for a cashmere sweater (no joke, this is mid-range for these sweaters) if it has sleeves that go past your hands. If you want to splurge on your sweater, don’t get it online, try it on yourself! My best advice is – find a brand that fits you and stick to it. I sometimes advise men to tailor their clothes – but with knitwear, it’s a bit different, you can’t add or remove padding. If you have that kind of money, you can simply order a sweater that’s fit for you. You can also save money by buying wholesale men sweaters directly from the warehouse.

I hope all our male readers can afford the best sweaters for their money. In the next chapter of our exciting adventure, I’m gonna talk about sweater styles, cuts and how to wear them.

A short guide for sweaters for men, part one

men's sweater wholesaler can offer also torn womens sweaterMen tend to dress for comfort. While women usually have to balance modesty with professionalism, men usually have enough fashion choices pre-made for them. So very rarely a man decides to revise his wardrobe.  And a good choice for this might be a fit, tailored sweater. Formal enough for work or an outing, but warm and cozy at the same time. You can go to a reputable boutique, who hopefully has a good men’s sweaters wholesaler.

The most desirable is a cashmere sweater – made from genuine Kashmir goat wool. Most such sweaters on the market are a mix, with some genuine cashmere mixed with sheep wool or even cotton. A genuine cashmere sweater might even be hand-made, and is soft and luxurious. Not every men’s sweaters wholesaler will carry it since it’s usually more expensive than regular wool, but it’s worth it. Even regular wool is a good choice for a sweater – it is very absorbent and creates tiny air pockets for warm air to collect in thus being warmer. If you don’t like wool, because it was “itchy” when you were growing up, it means it was probably made from coarse wool – softer kinds like Merino are available. Men seldom choose the “fluffy” angora sweaters, made of the rabbit hair, but other animals also produce yarn.

You can be very attractive with a sweater

Of course, cotton sweaters are also available. They’re cheaper, light weight, and breathable. However, cotton has not evolved to keep animals warm in the cold winter nights – so  it’s not as heat-retaining as wool or cashmere. Cotton sweaters aren’t bad, and feel soft and lightweight, but don’t rely exclusively on them to keep you warm! You can find many cotton sweaters with a good men’s sweaters wholesaler in your district who will source the cotton easily.

And you can choose synthetic or blended fabrics. Synthetics like polyester or nylon can feel like wool at much lower price, and blended mixes (for instance cashmere and cotton) combine the feel of cashmere a with lower price. They will not work as well as cashmere clothes, but can be more durable. Added elastane or spandex makes the clothes more stretchy, which works great for sports. It’s rare to find sweaters made of 100% silk, but it is commonly blended with cotton.

In the forthcoming parts, we’re gonna talk about styles and colors of men’s sweaters so watch this space carefully!