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Sequins, leggings and your wardrobe

I consider myself a fashionista, but even the most fabulous wardrobe can suddenly feel dull. I was thinking about a new piece for holiday, something fashionable, or simply staying glam. And then it hit me! Sequined leggings. They’re tight and loud and I can stay visible. Sure, they aren’t for every occasion… but I need some rules to stay pretty consistently! Many sequined wholesale leggings are available in good warehouses, and fashionable boutiques can’t live with them.

wholesale leggingsSince the sequin leggings are so visible, I need to play it safe with my outfit. Sequin wardrobe pieces are already somewhat gaudy if not worn well, and if you match them with clashing  colors and prints, you’ll just look chaotic. For the start, stick with single color options like I did with my black sequin leggings. They can be easily paired with multiple other pieces. Likewise, you should keep your makeup low-key. Avoid fancy eyeshadow or bold lipstick, maybe except strong red one.

In general, start with neutral colors for your sequin leggings, to make the outfit more versatile. Focus on colors like black, white, silver, gold, champagne, and brown. If you match champagne sequin leggings with a white blouse or cream sweater, you will look soft, yet glamorous, not loud and gaudy. Then you can move to advanced solutions – pick black sequin leggings, a white shirt and a red blazer… to be more visible.  Look at what wholesale leggings your clothes supplier orders and consider your wardrobe.

What’s great about sequined wholesale leggings is that they elongate your legs – draw focus to your lower body. You can use this opportunity, and wear leggings and shoes in the same color, to seem even taller. This works very well with heeled boots.

But sequined leggings are problematic. They sequins can snag on practically any edge and this can cause pulling of the thread and a trail of sequins left behind you. Consider leggings with sequins only on the front, or simply buy them one size larger to reduce the strain on the threads. Avoid tangly fabrics like sweaters, especially angora ones.

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Versatility of the elegant silk scarf

What I adore the most about the elegant silk scarves how versatile they are. While many ladies simply wear them around the neck,  these scarves are also perfect to use as an accessory elsewhere and be treated as an attractive piece of jewelry. Many boutiques use wholesale scarves as a cheap but elegant staple.

wholesale scarvesYou can wear a scarf as a headband on your head, sometimes for religious purposes, or just to improvise a flowing, summery headgear. If you grow your hair long, you could use it as a hair tie, creating a ponytail. You can roll it up to wear as a headband. or weave it into braids, hair bun or more elaborate hairdos to create an interesting look.

Naturally, you can tie it around the neck… but do you want to wear an ascot, a winter scarf or an infinity scarf? You can have them all if you fold and tie it the right way. There are so many ways to loop them around your neck – you could wear it as a bandana, an ascot, or use well-known girl scout knots. Longer scarves can be worn as shawls, or tied to resemble men’s ties. And if you want to feel summery, you can wear them as tops – tie them with a halter top knot behind your neck or wear them as a tube top!

If you like long tunics, you can add a splash of color to them by wearing a silk scarf as a belt. But you can match it with distressed jeans if you thread it through belt loops and tie with large, feminine bow. You can use pins to mark your waist on a large cardigan, letting the ends flow.

You can change it into smaller accessories: if you tie a smart scarf around your arm: voila, you have a bracelet or a sweatband. And if you want to draw more attention to your shoes, tie a scarf around your ankle. If you do the same with a handbag, you can change an old purse into a colorful statement piece! Some amateur clothes makers buy wholesale scarves just for materials.

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Colorful tights and how to wear them

Colorful tights are a staple of my wardrobe.Whether it’s spring or winter, I can wear them with all sorts of shorts, skirts, or dresses, keep my legs warm and cozy and create outstanding color combos. I usually stay away from name brands, but famous designers like Hanes, L’eggs, Jonathan Aston, and Pamela Mann all manufacture color wholesale tights in all sizes, styles, colors, and patterns.

wholesale tightsMany color tights are sheer. They typically come in a bewildering variety of styles, but they all allow your skin to be easily seen through the hosiery. They tint your legs with black, pink, cream, light red, green, blue, purple, or gray. Depending on your skin color, this can create a fantastic combination. Typically they’re lightweight and quite stretchy, so might be enough for work.

There are of course opaque tights, better for hiding blemishes or scars. And since they don’t “tint” your skin they can afford to have rich, vibrant colors – red, bright yellow, neon pink or electric blue. Wholesale tights in these colors are very popular.

You should also choose between a matt or shiny finish. Sheen is more eye-catching and draws attention to you. While matt is more conservative and perfect for work, it won’t make you a star of the day! Shiny finish draws attention to your legs and makes them sparkle – it can make them appear more shapely.

And of course, you can always go with a patterned pair of tights. Camo? Plaid or gingham? Polka dots, argyle, paisley? Or maybe go wild with floral, animal print or flame pattern. Some might be modest enough for work, like pinstripe or plaid. Many printed tights are thicker, leggings-like, and quite a lot of them are also footless. This is very practical for the winter since you can mix and match them with warm socks. This kind of high-denier spandex tights often comes in a stirrup variety, with a special strip going under your sole. This might seem practical, but as much as I love tights, I find this simply ugly.

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Why do all women love shorts?

All women seem to love shorts, especially in the summer since they offer comfort and stylish outlook, and allow you to show some leg. We all love shorts during the warmer weather, but they cover up the body and can be worn for exercise or lounging at home. Depending on your job, you can even wear shorts for work – especially if your workplace is not air conditioned. Some gyms buy wholesale shorts for their workers and customers, for example. But shorts aren’t just for summer. More and more women choose to wear leggings underneath shorts, sometimes adding 1980s style legwarmers. Shorts can make and break any outfit.

Since they are so versatile, women should have a lot of different shorts in their closet, each tailored towards different purposes. You should remember to buy everyday shorts, dressy shorts, workout shorts, and many others. Shorts are especially useful for biking since they won’t get tangled up in the chain, and they’re tight enough to protect you from accidental exposure. That’s why wholesale shorts will always be popular in sports goods stores.

wholesale shortsOften it was considered improper for women to wear shorts. For a long time women were banned from wearing trousers, and so at best they wore skirts that some skin. For a long time, the ideal of femininity was pale, without tan – tan and exposed skin was something for manual workers and peasants. A hundred years ago, only a very young boy would be allowed to wear shorts or knickerbockers. However, sports and new medicine were essentially invented in the meantime.

At first, men started to wear shorts for athletic activities, then for outdoor. Women fashion followed – for instance, biking shorts became very popular among young ladies. And in WWII many British and American soldiers served in tropical Pacific and Asian jungles, and subsequently carried the fashion home. Women picked up the habit quickly. In the 20th century, shorts became a staple of women wear. Female fashion added several styles of shorts, including culottes or the so-called skort.

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Buying dress clothes on a budget

There were times where I struggled, I kept looking for a job. The problem is getting locked in the poverty loop – if you want to have a job, you need to clean up, buy the decent wardrobe, lose a couple of pounds. But you can’t do it if you don’t have a job! I saved up, did odd jobs, sold e-books and gave washboard concerts… and I managed to buy a dressy shirt and a bicycle. I asked my friend who runs a boutique to order a couple of blouses wholesale for me. Hard work and connections can pay off!

blouses wholesaleIf you are on a budget, like I still am, there are still many things you can buy on a budget. It’s best to start with a white cotton shirt or a blouse – it adds a touch of class to any outfit. I can wear it with a black pair of jeans and high heels and look reasonably classy from a certain distance. If you already own a white shirt, perhaps you should get a blue or pink one. You don’t have to do what I did and buy blouses wholesale, but you can save a couple of cents if you hunt for discounts.

I started with dark jeans, but I wanted to ditch them as soon as possible and replace them with a pair of comfortable women’s slacks that look reasonably official. I could top them with a more comfortable blazer or a cardigan. It’s not business formal, but it looked appropriate at my job interview, and that’s what counts.

And even if I personally dislike high heel shoes (mostly after eight hours of wearing these), they are a must! High heels can make or break any outfit. Luckily, I’ve owned a couple of pairs and I managed to dress them up with just rigorous polishing. You need to make a lot of effort to get out of poverty, and continue to work hard just to stay working poor!

Perfect sweaters for office wear

Some people work in unheated office spaces. I myself had to spend two weeks as a technical writer in gloves and scarf, typing instructions manuals on my own laptop. And in some richer countries, some employees turn the air condition on. In both cases the employees don’t think about being productive – they just want to get warm. Sometimes they buy wholesale womens sweaters for their workers, but most of the time you have to get your warm clothes yourself. Of course, it’s not that easy to get a good sweater for the office – one that is warm and does not violate the dress code.

wholesale womens sweatersConsider cardigans, for example. Cardigans have a buttoned-up front, and they look fairly official and elegant. A cardigan made of wool, cashmere or cotton will keep the body warm, and if it’s dark-colored it can to an extent replace a suit jacket or a blazer.

A wrap style sweater is similar to a cardigan, but it has no visible buttons or clasps. Some are closed under the folds, others use velcro or similar solutions, and others yet are tied with a belt. The greatest advantage of wraps is that they’re typically more baggy, loose, and thus you can wrap yourself in them, to stay warm. It’s very versatile since you can wrap it around you in many ways, and many producers sell wholesale womens sweaters in wrap shape.

Unlike a wrap, a shawl is a single piece of material, usually long, but can also be square or singular. You can drape yourself in a warm woolen shawl and it will look very classy – and you will stay warm!

A sweater can also be tunic-shaped – it’s typically long, extending below the waist. You can wear one over your existing clothes to keep yourself warm. For the office, it can simply be another layer you only wear until the heating starts working!

A pullover is probably what you think of when you imagine a “sweater”. It’s also available in many materials, cuts and patterns. Argyle is very popular, but you can also consider a Fair Isle sweater.

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Discover your inner supermodel

What is glamor? Well, for me it’s this je ne sais quoi, the oomph, that thing that distinguishes an ordinary girl from a supermodel. But let’s be frank, everyone has the potential to be a supermodel – maybe you can be the next diamond in the rough. Some girls can wear simple jeans wholesale and look in them like a movie star.

jeans wholesaleTo discover your inner supermodel, find your inspiration. Think what does being glamorous mean to you and nobody else. Look at your style icons – which ones would you pattern yourself on? Do you look like her? Do you want to seem iconic? How would you apply her style to your life? But remember, the goal is not to be Kim Kardashian, but to be inspired by her.

Remember to not feel overwhelmed by the celebs. We all have flaws, but the glamorous icons simply don’t let others realize this. Don’t bash yourself – sadly, other people will do it for you. Think about this as of a game – for every hundred fans there will be ten critics, and you will remember only the critics… but you’ll still be the winner. Remember that any publicity is good publicity – if they hate on you, learn to ignore them and counter them.

But outside of being self-reassured and basing yourself on glamorous icons, don’t forget the basics. Good grooming is the sole fundament of true beauty – wash your face, shave your legs, use lotion, have a mani-pedi once in a while. Look at the celebs in magazines – they look beautiful because they have a host of photographers, makeup artists, and photoshop artists altering their visage. Some are such institutions that their agents buy jeans wholesale just to build a wardrobe… While you can rely only on yourself.

Keep your makeup simple. It should be classy and elegant, but add something unusual to your appearance, to show your individuality. Add a single bold accent, instead of a couple of different ones. To be bold, you need subtlety to stand out from!

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Why not consider pashmina wholesale scarfs?

wholesale scarfsIf you want to trade in wholesale scarfs, why not consider pashmina scarves? Pashmina wool is light, very warm and works great when you want to protect yourself from the cold winter temperatures. However, it’s soft and light enough to work as a shawl during the colder spring or autumn evening. Buying a pashmina shawl is a great investment. But what exactly is pashmina? Well, technically it’s a variety of cashmere – also coming from mountain goats living in high altitudes.

Many women love the practicality of the outfit above all – and a colorful scarf is so versatile. Even though cashmere can be quite expensive, a small scarf needs not be – it’s far less expensive but still classy. A pure cashmere shawl can be quite pricey, but you can find wool or acrylic blends with cashmere that are beautiful and practical, and yet very inexpensive. They will make a great gift for a relative like a mother or an aunt.

But even younger women will love a cashmere scarf. Often, they live a go-to lifestyle, always moving about the town, and the college season is these three cold seasons. To protect your university student daughter and make her remember you, you can also get her a cashmere scarf. No wonder that traders in wholesale scarves in university cities always order hundreds of wholesale scarfs.

A shawl is a very important element of a wedding dress and many religious garbs. Many women like wearing elegant scarves for special occasions. And there are also interesting silk/cashmere blends. They have a silken feel and as warm as wool. You can include a fancy shawl as a part of an evening dress.

Even if you can’t afford a real pashmina or cashmere shawl, many synthetic blends offer similar comfort. Breeders can offer you more and more delicate sheep wool – and if it’s blended with delicate fibers, they can provide your scarf with the delicate texture and heat protection.

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How to prepare your boutique for digital age

The digital age is upon us. The internet plays a huge role in our lives, and we all shop online practically every day. Fashion is one of the most talked about topics online, and your fashion business needs to be a part of this conversation whether you sell classy suits or mens wholesale jeans!

Online Window Shopping for mens wholesale jeans

Every business these days needs a website. It’s a business card and your online shop window – doubly so in the fashion business. Fashion is extremely visual, so you need to rely on graphics heavily. Make sure that your website is inviting and easy to use – especially on the mobile. You can use a DIY website too, but it’s better to consult a local web designer who will create a chic site for you. Use simple CMS systems like WordPress.

Consider social media

We are all hooked on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… With so many social media websites to choose from, it can be difficult to choose where and how you will be present. In the fashion business it pays to be visual – focus on sites like Pinterest or Instagram!  Don’t just share relevant fashion content, your offer but also provide your audience with conversation topics. If your mens wholesale jeans sell well, try to learn why.

mens wholesale jeansRead, Write, Repeat

Consider running your own blog. This is not just a way to obtain links, but also provides a voice and a personality your customers can learn to trust. You can use the blog as your mouthpiece, share news about your fashion business. You can also describe the company life – major fashion events you’re attending, new products available in store or fashion trends you’re interested in. Keep your blog up to date, and maintain its presence in the social media as well! Repost old blog posts again to keep them fresh.

Age of the Fashion Blogger

Celebs like Anna Wintour need to make some place for the fashion blogger. The latter is gaining more and more influence in the fashion world – and definitely over the customers. Before deciding what wholesale clothes to buy, read up on what the fashion bloggers are talking about and what trends rule their blogosphere. You can also use the bloggers to promote your business thanks to freebies and other offers.

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Stay punk and dress punk!

Punk rock never dies! And even though you might grow out of your punk phase it’s important to nurture the rebellion and the drive to question authority within you! You can maintain your punk attitude by dressing up like a punk once in a while. Don’t just go with cheap shirt and jeans wholesale, go wild!

jeans wholesaleRemember, it’s hard to speak about punk fashion – since punk is all about denying the mainstream. When the long hair is the norm, punks go short. When the feminine look is the norm, punk girls go masculine. You can go with 1980s glam punk, full of bright colors, spandex, leopard print, neons, and satin. More modern pop punk is influenced by the 1990s and the hipster culture: skinny jeans wholesale, skater styles, wristbands. And hardcore punk… well, actually it’s the opposite of what you’re thinking – you need the simplest clothes possible to mosh in. Remember, punk is not about trendy clothes, you don’t want to cave into the mainstream.

Go with black, skinny jeans or shorts, ripped mesh tights, band tees, and a leather top. And since punk is anti-brand, you should at least try to customize your clothes yourself. Be creative. It doesn’t have to look good – it just needs to look different. It’s hard to admit, but punks were ancestors of hipsters – so unleash your need for authenticity. Find the punk band you like and get their T-shirt, and remember that every newbie is going for Ramones or The Clash.

Don’t be afraid to add something metal or weird to your outfit – there’s nothing wrong with rocking a pair of studded combat boots with leather jackets. You can wear a piece of metal chain as your belts. And throw in a couple of vivid bright colorful items – blues, neon pink, oranges or silver.

As for the hair… go wild. The more “punk” you want to be, the more “conformist” you will turn out. You could dye it, you could wear a mohawk, wear a bowler hat… and remember, there is no such thing as punk fashion!